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Supreme’s Muy Refrescó de Tropical line of Horchata, Tamarindo, and Jamaica drinks are lovingly re-created from Latino recipes handed down through the generations. Supreme conducted extensive nationwide taste-tests to confirm the authentic taste of our aguas frescas and came out on top of our competition. No surprise there—our Muy Refrescó de Tropical line uses only natural cinnamon, vanilla, rice, tamarind root, and hibiscus flower, and is sweetened only with all-natural cane sugar. What you won’t find is high-fructose corn syrup.  

A long-time cultural favorite, the popularity of Horchata, Tamarindo, and Jamaicas has exploded in recent years. This is due to both the general market’s exposure to aguas frescas, and the rapid growth of the Latino market’s population and buying power. The U.S. Latino population is currently growing faster than the general market with growth of 43% over the last 10 years—or 16.3% of the entire U.S. population. Along with this growth, a new awareness of the potential health dangers of processed, sugary foods has emerged across all markets. Muy Refresco’ de Tropical’s natural ingredients and real cane sugar mean they’re free of fat, cholesterol, caffeine, lactose, and gluten. Supreme’s Horchata, Tamarindo, and Jamaica: a naturally delicious, healthier alternative to today’s sugary sodas.

All Muy Refrescó de Tropical drinks have a mix ratio of 7:1 and are available in 64 fl. oz. HDPE easy-pour bottles, 6 bottles per case. Mixed flavor pallets also available, including bag-in-box.


Muy Refrescó de Tropical flavors